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Query on Motion Controller QMP-SynqNet PCIe

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We are looking for a motion controller which should be able to control the Two-Axis Gimbal system with motors with 0.01 Deg accuracy so since the MPX library provided to program Motion Controller QMP-SynqNet PCIe is Windows-based, i have the following queries

1) Are there any special API's in this library to control and achieve this accuracy.

2) Any special method to be followed to achieve this accuracy.

3) Can we generate an executable file using MPI and MPX library and flash it on the motion controller


1 Answer

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We have sizing tools (Motioneering) available on the Kollmorgen site to help you pick the right drive and motor to achieve the performance you need

Unfortunately, MPX which is our ActiveX library is not supported with our QMP-SynqNet controllers. The only programming available is the C based library, MPI. 

QMP-SynqNet and MPI library allow access to other utilities that will help maximize system performance by looking at data both in time (Motion Scope) and frequency domain (Bode Tool). When a simple PID/PIV and BiQuads are not sufficient in tuning your application, we also offer MechaWare to give you access to custom motion control. 

To answer your questions:

1 and 2. There is no special API to achieve accuracy. However, a combination of well-designed system when using our Motioneering and tuning tools such as the bode tool will help you get the system achieve performance target.

3. System configurations can be flashed onto the motion controller. However, the rest (process) needs to be programmed through the MPI library to create an executable that needs to be started at every system boot up.


Thank you for the reply
Further I have the following queries
1) What is the smallest control loop time that can be executed using MPI APIs? We need real time performance for controlling to 0.01deg accuracy, which may require control loop to be executed every 10msec / 20msec. Please let us know whether with windows framework and MPI library this timing can be achieved.
2) Is it possible to have run a program on the QMP-SynqNet controllers to execute the control function instead of running on Master running windows OS? If so, which environment to be employed to develop such program and how to program it on the controller?
Can you share some example programs written using MPI APIs to run control functions?

Prathap V C - Sat, 07/18/2020 - 19:34

1) The fastest controller sample rate will be 16KHz.
2) The API is available for configurations as well as setting up motion, etc. We have very extensive functions that will allow motion and other critical tasks running on the controller instead of on the Windows OS. You can read more about how it works here
You can find application examples here

Ariesta - Wed, 07/22/2020 - 21:39
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