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PxMM Fault Handling For The AKD2G Drive



Sample KAS Fault Handling code and project has been created for KAS applications that utilize the AKD2G drive. Differences in parameter names and functionality between the AKD and AKD2G led to the new code being created.

The following shows parts of the project starter template (project .kas link below) in which the Program FaultMonitorAKD2G and Subprogram MCFB_AKD2G_Fault are included. The .kas project is for a Dual Axis AKD2G drive. This code can be modified for a single axis AKD2G drive by removing the parts that correspond to the second axis.

Project Details

Project Explorer showing the AKD2G centric code:


FaultMonitorAKD2G Program – Contains code to monitor for faults and to reset faults

MCFB_AKD2G Subprogram – Called by FaultMonitorAKD2G, it checks the status of the drive and if a fault is present sets a flag (Axis1.Fault1 for Axis 1 and Axis2.FAULT2 for Axis2).


Axis Status screen included in the project showing how a fault can be shown in the Control Panel:


New AXISx.FAULTMSG1 parameter

The AKD2G has a new parameter AXISx.FAULTMSG1 which provides both the fault number and brief fault description in a single parameter (string). The MCFB_AKD2G Kollmorgen UDFB utilizes this parameter in the following section of code:



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