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PL.FILTERTIME error warning

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I am new to servo drive programming.  I need to replace a old AKD BASIC drive AKD-T00306-NBAB-0000 by a new one.  When i try to download the uploaded parameters in the new one, the error message is display  **PL.FILTERTIME 0.000 Error: [0085] Command was not found.**....  Before the downloading process, I have a warning alarm  (see the picture).    I need to know to key to insert PL.FILTERTIME parameter in my *old firmware version* before to proceed to downloading??? 






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I don't have record of when the PL.FILTERTIME was removed from the AKD BASIC firmware but when I loaded the 2 versions you mention the old 1-13-0-4 had it and 1-18 did not.

In general, I've not seen an AKD BASIC application that required the PL.FILTERTIME. Usually it is used to help with low resolution

pulse train commands ( i.e. Step and Direction ) so I can't see why it would be important in the AKD BASIC. It seems it is set to 0.000 in your parameter file.

When you are cloning a drive with old firmware to a drive with new, you have 2 choices when downloading the file:

1) Evaluate each error ( mismatch ) and determine if the parameter applies to your application or not and then either a) ignore b) remedy.

2) Download the old firmware to the new drive so the firmware is the same as the drive you are replacing. You can find archived firmware versions as well as older Workbench

installations at the following link. Use the filters to locate what you are looking for ( i.e. AKD BASIC FIRMWARE ).


i will looking for the option 2, thank for your reply

Freepat78 - Wed, 10/30/2019 - 08:00
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