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PDMM T-BOT Control

The attached is a sample.kas project and video showing the PDMM running a 2 axis T-bot mechanism. The T-bot control algorithm was created by adding additional virtual axes to the project and using them in a master/slave configuration to get the T-Bot to move orthogonal,  with X and Z axis motions. The motion in this program moves the T-Bot's X axis, then Z axis, then X axis, then Z Axis  in a repeating rectangular fashion.


The program can be operated using the KAS/IDE simulator:

  1. After loading the program in the IDE click on the simulator button and download the project to the simulator
  2. Start the project from the IDE. Click the buttons in the Control Panel (shown below) in the following order : Enable, Reset Position, Engage Gearing, and Start XY Cycle button
  3. To Stop, click on  E-Stop Button
  4. To Restart, click the buttons in the following order : Reset, Enable, Engage Gearing, and Start XY Cycle button

Control Panel in the Project:


Motion code can be found in the project in the Main Program.