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PDMM controlling S700 over Ethercat

Yes, you can control a S700 with a PDMM but there are a few rules to gain full function.

  1. Hardware 2.0 or 2.1. Latest FW.

  2. S300/S700.XML revision 41 (This file should be in the latest PDMM IDE)

  3. 0x6060, OpMode, will need to be 250, 0xFA  (cyclic synchronous position)

  4. Max update rate is 1mS.  2mS is best.

  5. In the S700, DRVCNFG3 bit 16 (0x10000) is set to 1. 

  6. The position scaling is set by PRBASE.  (For S700 to match AKD default scaling, Either S700's PRBASE or AKD's FB1.PSCALE will need to be changed to match)



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Also set in KAS IDE for Ethercat master settings tab,  250us cycle time. That is the default the S700 is configured to.