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PCMM - New KAS Controller!

The PCMM (Programmable Controller Multi-Axis Master) is a PDMM (Programmable Drive Multi-Axis Master) without an internally integrated AKD drive.  It shares the same electronic hardware, connectors, and signals as the PDMM.  It has the same features, functionality, and performance as the PDMM without the integrated servo drive hardware.  The PCMM form factor is smaller than the PDMM.

The PCMM is available in two performance variants with different processor speeds: 800MHz and 1.2GHz.  Due to the higher processor and memory speed, the 1.2GHz model has 2x the performance as the 800MHz model.

KAS software v2.10 (and higher) supports the PCMM models.  If you are using v2.9 (or lower), you will need to upgrade to version 2.10 (or higher) to use the PCMM.  It is possible for a KAS project to work with a PCMM or PDMM, without any POU changes.  In the KAS project, the Controller properties contains a single selection for "PDMM or PCMM", because logically they are the same hardware.


If you switch an application from a PDMM to PCMM or vice versa, make sure to scan the EtherCAT network to discover the nodes and re-compile to apply the new network topology to the project.

Installation manuals for the PDMM and PCMM are available on  They contain information about the part number scheme, hardware installation, specifications, connectors, pin numbers, signals, SD card slot, rotary switch, and push buttons. The PDMM and PCMM connector designators and signals are the same (except there are no drive specific connectors for the PCMM).  The SD card slot, rotary switch, and push buttons are the same.

The PCMM/PDMM 800MHz and 1.2GHz models each have a model specific KAS Runtime Firmware binary file.  The naming convention for the Runtime Firmware matches the part number scheme.  Also, the web-server firmware upgrade tab will suggest the appropriate file to match the specific PDMM or PCMM model.  For more information see the KAS Help included with the software installation or on KDN [see: Firmware Tab (PDMM and PCMM Only)]

The KAS Runtime firmware files for the PCMM and PDMM models are available on KDN in the downloads section or at
PDMM Runtime Firmware
PCMM Runtime Firmware