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PCMM moving by trajectory table

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Hello there!

I want moving by arbitrary trajectory given by a table with set of points using PCMM.

How can I set the necessary path along which my linear motor will move?

For example, I have the coordinates of the sine motion points, should I use the MC_MoveAbsolute function block for each of the many points?



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You could add all your points into an array and call MC_MoveAbsolute function blocks with the blending options through the BufferMode input. Another option would be to use a cam profile with a virtual master to specify a trajectory through a series of points. You would use the MC_CamIn function block along with MC_CamTblSelect inside your project, and can either import the cam profile or use our creation tool inside the KAS IDE. There are a number of topics on camming inside the KAS IDE help file, and we also have a series of videos howing how to implement them at


I would also like to know which interpolation method will be used in my case? For example, if I use MC_MoveAbsolute blocks? And can I choose an approximating function?

And what about the choice of speed and acceleration? If the movement is on an arbitrary path, then how should the speed and acceleration be calculated relative to a given path of movement?

Krounis - Thu, 03/12/2020 - 21:12
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