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PCMM Flying cut analog output

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I have an old machine with flying cut. It's control system is out of order now, so I need to retrofit it. I consider using PCMM controller. I don't have much of experience in motion control. So I need some help. 

Specs are:

  • Speed = 120 m/min
  • Pieces length = 4500 mm minimum
  • Measuring wheel incremental encoder 5000 pulses per meter
  • Carriage motor - Siemens synchronous with permanent magnets
  • Carriage motor drive - Siemens Simodrive 611 with speed control through analog -10..10V speed reference

I see it that way - I get PCMM controller and AKT2G. Connect it through EtherCat. In AKT2G rack I install 2 encoder modules (for measuring wheel and carriage motor encoders) and analog output module to send speed reference to carriage drive.

I understand, that I need to use MC_GearInPos instruction to synchronize carriage drive to measuring wheel encoder before execution of cut.

In PCMM manuals I only saw examples of controlling drives through EtherCat. So now I want to ask

Is it possible to control 3rd party device like Simodrive through analog output of PCMM? What do I need to programm after MC_GearInPos to get speed reference, that I should send to AKT2G analog output?

Sadly, my local Kollmorgen representative couldn't answer these questions, so I'm very looking forward for help here.


Hello, We would be able to control this with our servo drive and the pcmm/pdmm . Albeit yes the pxmm could be connected to the akt2g and give analog outputs to any device, we would not recommend this implementation, we could not guarantee the tight synchronisation with the analog. But generally if doing motion control with the pcmm we would recommend using Kollmorgen drives.

I Gibb - Thu, 07/29/2021 - 06:36

Thank you for answer.
I know, that best solution is to use some motion bus to control drive, but in our case we have an opportunity to try and see what we get. Also, we want to familiarize with PCMM controllers, because they look very promisining in our other applications.

1. But I still don't understand how in software I can assign speed reference during MC_GearInPos to analog output. In other vendor solution this is happening during parameterizing of Axis (we just set specific analog output channel to Axis). How is it done in PCMM?
2. To get best performance of course I need at least Kollmorgen drive. Is there any drive to control Siemens 1FT5-134-0SC711-2 permanent magnets motor? Io=75 A, Mo=120 Nm, Mn=110 Nm, Nn=2000 rpm, Nmax = 3200 rpm, U=364 V.

Dmitry Kuzminov - Fri, 07/30/2021 - 00:12

We do not have a servo drive quite large enough sorry.
With regards to the mc gearin pos, you would have to write your own supporting code around this and maybe encapsulate in a udfb. The MC instructions are tied directly to the axis and in this case we can not as we do not have an axis as you want to use and analog output.

I Gibb - Fri, 07/30/2021 - 00:28

That's very dissapointing. But thank you for explanation.
The most frustrating moment for me is that in fact I cannot control anything by analog output. So every motion controller (not just Kollmorgen) can work only with digital device by motion bus. So any retrofitting costs much more, because you cannot use old drive. You should buy motion controller, drive and even motor, which will probably lead to modification of mechanics.

Dmitry Kuzminov - Fri, 07/30/2021 - 02:24
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1 Answer

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Hi Dmitry,

Agree to I Gibb with: it doesn't sound so good to try and get a tight synchronization with a encoder emulation and then back to a analogue output velocity command.

Still I believe KAS is a great product, offering a lot of opportunities for those understand the boundaries and willing to do some programming.


First I suggest to work in PipeNetwork, if fully understood the most underestimated motion programming I do know.

I have put together some picture on how to read a encoder, get the value into speed, read this speed value in the code section and map it to a analogue output.


There is a lot missing here! The synchronization part and how to get the correct profile how to move back and much more!!!

This should just give you a heads up it is possible to go this way, but if your not to much into motion probably need some support of a senior KAS programmer to help you along the way.


Have fun,

Martin Rupf



That's a valuable answer for me, Martin! Thanks a lot. Probably in future I will at least try PCMM to control some analog drive.

Dmitry Kuzminov - Wed, 08/11/2021 - 21:48
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