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PC Connection Cables


The AKD Drives are connected to the PC or to a Hub or Switch via a standard Cat. 5 Ethernet cable.

S300, S400, S600, S700

S300, S400, S600 and S700: these servo amplifiers are equipped with a serial RS232 interface to facilitate communication with a standard personal computer (PC). The connection cable must have a special pinout and must be shielded. Cable shield is connected via the connector with the front cover of the servo amplifier.
Alternatively an USB adapter can be switched between the PC and the cable for using the USB interface.
S300, S600 and S700: the signals for the serial link to the PC and the CAN interface are routed via the same connector on the servo amplifier. Our Y adapters can be used for simultaneous access to both interfaces. In this case, the interface signals are routed via separate connectors. The picture shows an adapter for 6 servo amplifiers (Multilink).