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P6000 User Manual? | 08 Oct 2015 | |

P6000 User Manual?

Cannot find a user manual for the P6000.  Is there one posted somewhere?

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Michael Stingl said ...

Michael Stingl |

Hello Mr. Fisher,
please visit our Webside -->

best regards
Michael Stingl



RFisher | Fri, 10/09/2015 - 15:48

The web site has nothing, except a data sheet (minimal) and a CE certificate. Which I why I posted the question. So now I'll ask, do the "Enable+" and "Enable-" pins work the same way as the P7000 drive (which does have a user manual)?

jcoleman02 said ...

jcoleman02 |

The EN input enables and disables the P60660 power stage. It is an optically isolated input that accepts 5-24 volt single-ended or differential signal. The maximum voltage that can be applied to the input is 28V. When the EN input is closed, the driver amplifier is deactivated, all the MOSFETs will shut down and the motor will be free. When the EN input is open, the drive is activated.

It is similar to the P7000, except for the allowable voltage level and the P6000 enable input polarity is not configurable.  

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