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P5000 and P6000 Step Motor Drives | 11 Jun 2015 | |

P5000 and P6000 Step Motor Drives

Can the P5000 and the P6000 step motor drives work with any step motor?


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Paul Coughlin said ...

Paul Coughlin | Thu, 06/11/2015 - 16:50

The P5000 is designed for bipolar stepper motors that rated up to 2.5 amps and 24 - 75 VDC and have step angles of 0.9 or 1.8 degrees.  Therefore motor frames from Nema 17 through Nema 42 would work, however you would need to confirm with the max voltage of the Nema 17 to ensure the small size can dissipate the heat and the Nema 42 probably would not provide a lot of torque at speed at 2.5 amps rms.

The P6000 is designed for motors capable of running 160 VDC or 320 VDC.  Therefore the motor manufacturer needs to confirm what the effects of the higher voltages may be on their motor.  Additionally, mtoors run at 320 VDC require higher voltage insulation and are hipotted at a different level.

Both motors have inductance requirements.


P5000 inductance range is 1 - 50 mH. P6000 inductance range is 1.4 - 20 mH @ 120 VAC and 5.6 - 80 mH @ 240 VAC

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