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OPC Server/Visual Studio Integration | 07 Sep 2017 | |

OPC Server/Visual Studio Integration

Per the title, does OPC Server have libraries/documentation to allow custom development via Visual Studio? I need to manage some PLC tags from custom software and want to know if OPC Server will fit my client's needs.

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C Wontrop said ...

C Wontrop |
What Kollmorgen product do you plan to use?

toddevans01 said ...

toddevans01 |

You can download the documentation/manual for the OPC server at the following link and then click on “G&L Technical Manuals”.

The OPC Server manual is under Pic/MMC Software.




The OPC Server has been in its current revision for a while so I can’t tell you if there have been

changes to Visual Studio that affect it or not and its usage.


An alternative would be to have the Modbus TCP library ( for example ) and then find a 3rd party Modbus TCP Active X control/driver for Visual Studio. Obviously this requires the purchase of two software packages.

My understanding is the OPC Server is superior in the setup and in the way the tags can be accessed.

Modbus TCP would require setup and usage of function blocks in the ladder of the PicPro project and may be more programming but Modbus is a widely used and understood protocol.

The Modbus TCP Manual is also available at the link above. Serial Modbus is shown as “Modbus Manual”.



toddevans01 | Thu, 09/07/2017 - 19:06

David indicated G&L and PicPro

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