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Old Smartdrive | 11 Oct 2017 | |

Old Smartdrive


I am working whit a old drive: SmartDrive. I installed MotionLink for SmartDrive but I need a TL file to configure motor parameters. 

The motor is a GOLDLINE BRUSHLESS; model: B-106-A-31-R3. 

Could you send me the file, or give me information about where I can download. 


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Paul Coughlin said ...

Paul Coughlin |

Attached is the Catalog Data Sheet containing the motor parameters.

These motor parameters may be entered into the SmartDrive via the MotionLink software.

kenny.hampton@… said ...

kenny.hampton@… |

The motor's  parameter file can be loaded from the Smart Drive Software "GUI".  You are required to select the B-106-A motor in the GUI software.

This is a link to Smart Drive Software:

Scroll down to the header Smart Drive (KOL) and the software file is listed as  (Smart Drive Software Rev.1)

Daniel Barradas | Mon, 10/30/2017 - 21:33

Thanks for your replay!
I have the model D03001 of the SmartDrive, I have a doubt regarding the connection of the DC Bus + and the DC Bus -.

What do I have to connect to these terminals?

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