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N24 Warning on S700 | 18 Jan 2016 | |

N24 Warning on S700


I am getting a N24 warning with the attached parameters, when setting up an S700 drive with a DUF4-14 motor with a SIN-ENC with Hiperface feedback type ( FBTYPE = 2 ).

When I checked, ERRPARAM = 57 and 57 is the parameter number for EXTPOS (See attached picture).

EXTPOS is equal to (9 Sin Enc with Hiperface - connector X1) which matches my FBTYPE.

I do not know why it would not like EXTPOS=9 and give an N24 warning.

Does anyone have any ideas?




Comments & Answers

Michael Stingl | Wed, 01/20/2016 - 12:07
Hello Robert,
he warning comes because EXTPOS is set to 9.
Are really two physical Hyperface encoder connected to the controller but your first encoder is also a hyperface (FBTYPE 2) ???  (I do not believe it, but we have only one X1 connector....)
Please check your feedback system parameters again.


The parameter EXTPOS define the source of feedback used for the position loop. For EXTPOS = 0 the motor feedback, defined by the command FBTYPE, will used for the position loop. For EXTPOS > 0 an external feedback will used for position loop.

Michael Stingl

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