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n12 warning on S300, S600, and S700

The n12 warning is an indicator that the motor name and motor number saved in the drive's eeprom does not match the motor name and motor number stored in the Endat encoder memory. When using an Endat encoder as primary feedback, the motor name and motor number must be stored in both the drive's memory and the encoder memory, and they must match. If the n12  warning displays, do the following:

  1. Select the motor in the software
  2. Go to the Terminal screen (Click "No" if prompted, so as to not save and restart the drive. You must not restart the drive until this procedure is complete.)
  3. Send the "HSAVE" command.
  4. Send the "SAVE" command.
  5. Send the "COLDSTART" command.

If the drive will not write to the ENDAT eeprom, send "HSAVE ERASE" in HyperTerminal, follow the procedure above.


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This information is also valid for BiSS and Hiperface encoder.

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