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Is my AKD faulty ?

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I have an AKD-T00306 drive.

I set the drive into Torque / Service mode and set the feedback to none. When I enable the drive, I can see IL. FB Current feedback climbing up until the drive faults on Foldback (within 10 Sec)

Exact same problem with another AKM31 motor.

Would it be fair to assume that the drive is faulty? 


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I don't understand testing the drive without using the feedback configured. Without feedback the drive cannot commutate the motor.

I attempted to replicate your test.

If I ignore the feedback, enable the drive, and set a current setpoint using Service Motion in Torque Mode, the motor locks to the next motor pole and cannot commutate further.

If the current setpoint in Service Motion is set higher than the continuous current rating of the motor then the drive will eventually foldback and fault.

You didn't indicate what motor part# and feedback type you have but I wouldn't consider a test without the feedback in general to be a good test. If you have a motor not connected to a load and you enable the drive normally with Service Motion stopped does the current continue to climb?

Is this a new startup or a motor/drive that has been running? If it has been running for a long time then what fault or issues happened recently where you are trying to troubleshoot it?

Worse-case, when in doubt, you can either swap drives or send the one you have in for repair evaluation.

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