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Multilink with Setup Software


"Multilink" means to communicate to a group of servo amplifiers via the RS232 interface (PC interface). The example below shows the amplifiers with the names X-Achse and Y-Achse. Disconnection and reconnection by clicking the button connect_button.jpg shows the selection screen "Select Drive", where you can select the requested amplifier in the system



Special advantage while setting up and tuning the amplifiers is the saving of time and simplified handling. We recommend to install the multilink wiring in multi axes systems permanently. This enables the system for remote maintenance during operation, if the RS232 connection to a PC in the switchgear cabinet exists permanently.


The Multilink function must be disabled, if the CAN bus is used as a fieldbus in the motion system. That means the multilink function can be used only, if CAN bus isn't used for another purpose.


Hardware requirements


One servo amplifier (Master) must be connected with the PC via the RS232 cable. All other servo amplifiers are connected to the master vial the integrated CAN bus. RS232 and CAN interface are located on the same SubD connector. Therefore you must use an Y adapter for the required multilink wiring (see Accessories Manual). This adapter is available for 4 or 6 axes. Special types for mor axes are possible.

Software requirements

Firmware Version Setup Software Version
from 3.65 from 2.00 Build 0066

Switching ON Multilink

Parameter State of delivery Multilink requirement
CBAUD 500 kBaud identical at all connected amplifiers
ADDR 0 different at all connected amplifiers
MDRV 0 set to 1 at all connected amplifiers
CCSAVE 0 set to 0 at all connected amplifiers
  1. Use the front keyboard of the amplifier. Start the extended menu structure (press right key while switching on the 24V supply), look for parameter S07 (=MDRV) and set it to "1". Save the setting to the eprom (cSA).
  2. Use the front keyboard of the amplifier to set unique station addresses (Adr). Save the setting to the eeprom (cSA).
  3. The same procedure with every amplifier
  4. Wire the communication interfaces with the described Y adapter.
  5. Connect the PC and start the setup software. All amplifiers connected via CAN bus to the master are displayd for selection now

    (If no selection is available, enter in all connected Drives the command CCSAVE 0 followed by SAVE and COLDSTART)

Switching OFF Multilink

If e.g. the CAN bus must be used for other purposes, the parameter MDRV must be set to "0" at all parameters. Because all amplifiers are connected by multilink, you can set the parameter in the setup software terminal window of the master:

  1. Type this commands to the terminal window (example for two slaves and the master):
    \ adr2 (last Slave)
    MDRV 0
  2. \ adr1 (Slave before)
    MDRV 0
  3. \ 0 (Master)
    MDRV 0

Switch the 24V supply off and on again.