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How to update MT.ACC from a HMI panel and KVB?  I have a KVB field, tagged MT_ACC and linked to Modbus register 40526 and set as float.

When I try to enter a value for the acceleration, it is not updated in my AKD drive. It neither works for MT.DEC. MT.V however, works fine: any value entered in an analog field tagged to MT.V (modbus register 40566) is updated immediately in my AKD MT.V parameter. For this field I use INT32.

There is an Kollmorgen example how to configure an AKD Motion task using MODBUS, but that only lists the series of MT parameters to use, not how to control this from KVB.

Can you give a way how to set these parameters from KVB?

Rgds, Guus


Hello, Please can you email the application software to European tech support. [email protected] . Thank you

I Gibb - Fri, 08/06/2021 - 01:23
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1 Answer

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You should look to the 64 bit to 32 bit mapping table in the Modbus Manual help.



I suggest if you find a parameter in the Modbus parameter table that is more than 32 bit ( i.e. 64 bit such as PL.FB, MT.ACC, MT.DEC, etc. )

to find the 32 bit equivalent in the 64 bit to 32 bit mapping table.


For example,


We have a sample KVB project that shows interface to the AKD Motion Tasking drive.

I also recommend you follow Ian's advice and reach out to our European support team.

I hope this helps!




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