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motor power through slip ring | 03 Feb 2016 | |

motor power through slip ring


I need a motor to work on rotating platform and this motor is controlled by S346 - 400V. Motor and S346 are on different sides of slip ring (see attach).

So i cut power cable (DE-107473) near motor end  and made like this:

- 4 wires from slip ring fixed side (of 200mm length) come to X9 connector

- 4 wires of slip ring moving side (of 200mm length) connect by screw terminals with 4 wires of power cable I cut

- connector comes to motor

Feedback cable is standard; S346 is controlled by CANopen from PC. 

 When I start program, it works OK for only one second, I see motor position changed a little. Then comes Error F023 (CAN bus fault) and motor stops. Also S346 stops responding by CAN

How do I solve this problem? With another power cable (uncut DE-107473) motor rotates fine and stable until I stop it. 

Thanks for help

Comments & Answers

jcoleman02 said ...

jcoleman02 |

The F23 fault is related to the CANopen communication.  It is not related to the motor power cable, except that an unshielded motor power cable will output a lot of EMI.  The EMI can cause communication problems.  If the CANopen communication works fine on the same system when not using the slip ring, then I would guess that the problem is due to the slip ring not providing shielding.

iakovlev said ...

iakovlev |


problem was in handmade CAN-cable. Made it shorter and better quality and all works

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