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[Solved] Motor phase not saved to device/project?

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Is it intended behaviour that motor phase, as determined by Wake-And-Shake (WAS), is not saved when the motor drive is turned off?

I am working with a set of three AKM43K-ACC2C-00 motors, controlled by AKD-P02406-NBEC-0000 drives, firmware M_01-20-00-001. I am running Workbench The motor phase setting I'm talking about can be found in workbench under <drive> --> Axis # (#) --> Motor --> Motor Phase.

The issue is that every time I power down the drives, I have to either fill in the motor phase from my notes, or re-determine the motor phase through WAS. The motor phase is generally consistent between power cycles, up to a few degrees. I have tried saving the parameters to non-volatile memory and to the project, but this information is lost when the drives are powered down. Other than this one parameter, I have not noticed any other parameters not being saved, so I am unsure if this is intended. How can I preserve motor phase settings between power cycles?

Thank you for any answers or insights.

EDIT: The issue has been solved. See comment below.



Leaving this for future reference:
After discussing with tech support, the direct solution to the problem of saving motor phase settings is to disable "Motor autoset" and "feedback device auto-identify" settings. The drive was reading factory-default settings for the motor phase (at 0) to the project, overwriting any changes in the project.
However, tech support also determined that the motor phase wiring was off (hence the need for an adjustment of the motor phase). After that was resolved, motor phase is in line with the factory settings again, and so a non-zero phase is no longer needed.

Soc - Wed, 06/30/2021 - 14:00
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If you want to use the MOTOR.PHASE value that the AKD-P02406-NBEC-0000 drive calculated after doing a Wake & Shake.  You should turn the  MOTOR.AUTOSET = 0 and FB1.SELECT = 41 SFD(Smart Feedback Devices).  This stops the motor parameters from being loaded from the Smart Feedback Device into the AKD drive and overwriting your MOTOR.AUTOSET value.  Then click on the SAVE to Device button in the WorkBench, this will save new MOTOR.PHASE to the  AKD-P02406-NBEC-0000 drive's NV memory.





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