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Motor Performance Curves Generator Update (v1.59?)


I have been using the MotorCurves Motor Performance Curves Generator v1.58 tool and its great (I think the latest version on the Kollmorgen website is still the v1.56). It would be nice if the speed torque curve chart was converted to English for the legends like they do in the AKM_Servomotors_320V_Torque_Curves_en.pdf beginning page. Also it would be awesome if there was a way to see x,y (speed, torque) coordinates as you scroll over the page with a mouse or do a data entry type method where you could enter in a speed or torque and see the corresponding torque or speed at that point for sizing purposes.

Thank you


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Eric, I definitely agree that it would be nice to have a conversion feature within the tool. Looks like this simply hasn't been incorporated in the tool yet, perhaps it will be available in future revisions. Thankfully this feature is secondary in nature. I did want to point out that if you scroll over a point on the graph, there is a pop-up window that shows the X and Y coordinates. This can be useful when evaluating a speed/torque point on the curve. For some reason I can't post an image in this thread otherwise I could show you an example. Note that you do have to scroll over the actual continuous or peak line. The pop-up window w/coordinates won't show up if you rest your mouse above or below the actual line. You can also use a different tool, Motioneering, to review speed/torque curves for Kollmorgen motor systems. You lose the functionality to modify the drive parameters, but if you are evaluating standard AKM/AKD (or similar) systems at common bus voltages this is the way to go. You can input an RPM and Motioneering will output the continuous and peak torque at that speed point. Josh