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Modify old Profinet configuration done with KAS 2.7


When you open a project created with KAS 2.7 in a newer KAS release, you could have an error message when you try to open the PDMM Profinet device configuration in the fieldbus editor:

"K5BusPNIODev - Invalid or corrupted configuration file"


That happens because the Profinet GSDML filename changed in KAS 2.8 (the filename was incorrect in 2.7).


Right-click on the PDMM device node, and from the contextual menu select "Use special station description".


Then click "Yes" and select the GSDML file "GSDML-V2.1-KOLLMORGEN-KAS-DEVICE-20140122.xml".

Check that your Profinet configuration is still correct. If not, close the project without saving your modifications. Please contact Kollmorgen for more help.