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Modbus and the AKD series drive

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I have this AKD P NBAN drive and need to call user motion tasks via modbus. How do I create a tag in the drive and associate it to a modbus register?

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It isn't clear what Modbus TCP master you are using.

The drive is not tag based; it is register based.

We have a supplementary support page for AKD Modbus TCP.

There is a Powerpoint presentation for training. Also see the section on "Motion Tasking".

There are several application notes that detail how to do Motion Tasking and Control over Modbus TCP.

There is also a section on addressing and troubleshooting.

You state you want to "call" motion tasks but do you also want to create or change them?

To call ( trigger or execute ) an existing motion task you will need to write the motion task number to Modbus Address in the Modbus Address Table in

Workbench Help that is correlated to the parameter MT.MOVE.

To change the motion task data ( i.e. position, velocity, etc. ) see the app notes aforementioned.

If you need additional help please contact your Kollmorgen supplier for local assistance or call tech support for remote assistance.

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