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[Solved] MMC-A4 Plus HMI Connection using User Port (RS232) | 12 Dec 2018 | |

[Solved] MMC-A4 Plus HMI Connection using User Port (RS232)

Dear Expert,

Currently we have lot of MMC -A4 Plus (standalone) connected to HMI (Schneider) using Ethernet. Somehow the MMC Ethernet module is fail (this is the 3rd times in last 4 month). Sadly we no Ethernet module left in the warehouse. 

We have user port in MMC not in use, this can be used as serial communication to our HMI. In HMI I can configure the serial communication, but in MMC side I have no clue. I have very limited experiance with PicPro and also limited document to get learn.

Please advice


dedi bin mulyadin

Comments & Answers

bin mulyadin | Wed, 01/02/2019 - 08:27

Problem solved by change the function block (UDFB) for modbus ethernet with function block (UDFB) for modbus serial. It tooks so long because MMC it self somehow fail to init the function block eventhough the unit is new. After trying with the old (still) working MMC, we manage to test the Modem Serial using User Port RS232

Thanks for attentions

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