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Manually Setup FB1.ENCRES for EnDat Feebdack Devices

In general the resolution of an EnDat feedback device will be taken automatically from the device and calculated based on the motor settings.

In some case it could be needed that the resolution needs to be adopted.

In this case this can be done in the following way:

FB1.ENCRESSOURCE 0 -> 1 this setting will enable the option to manually set FB1.ENCRES

If the precondition FB1.ENCRESSOURCE 1 is full filled you an setup the resolution for FB1.ENCRES based on your mechanics.

The calculation for linear feedback devices and motors can be found in the following article: AKD Parameter FB1.ENCRES setting for linear EnDat 2.2

If this enabled the resolution can be adjusted by setting FB1.ENCRES to the needed value.

After changing the resolution it might be needed to redo the commutation/Wake&Shake.

Please keep in mind that you are responsible for the setting and that you need to guarantee and fully test the new behavior of your machine.

This feature will be officially released within AKD Fw.: