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Mains Filter


General Information to mains filters can be found on page Filter General.


When is a mains filter required?

The use of mains filters is necessary, to ensure adequate reduction of cable-borne RFI (radio- frequency interference).

Depending on the requirements of electro magnetic compatibility EMC external mains filters are required for servo amplifiers, which do not have built-in mains filters:

  • In S300/400/601-620/700 and AKD-xzzz07 all the necessary filters are already integrated.
  • S640/670 and AKD-xzzz06 require external mains filters.


Technical basics

The filtering effect of the mains filters can only be assured if the permissible throughput rating of the mains filters is not exceeded even on peak loading of the servo amplifiers with Ipeak.

Max. available throughput rating of the mains filter (F)


Max. power consumption of the servo amplifiers (V)


Max. power consumption of the motors (M)


PmaxF must be higher than PmaxV and higher than PmaxM

The rated current (INF) of the mains filter in a system with i axes must be higher than:
roughly calculated nf_stroeme1.jpg    (INF = total of twice the rated currents of the amplifiers INVI)
or more precisely calculated nf_stroeme2.jpg   (INF = max. sum of single values of the amplifier peak currents).

In many cases it is possible to use the next smallest filter in the event of a low coincidence factor g or low load.


Indices Meaning
F Filter
M Motor
V Servo Amplifier
N rated value
peak peak value
max maximum value
i number of axes
Symbols Meaning Dimension
P Power VA
g Coincidence factor -
U Voltage V
I Current A
KE Motor voltage constant V*60s/1000
= mV*min
n Motor speed rpm


Current Kollmorgen Mains Filters

CE, UL, and RoHS information can be found on page Approvals.

Type Mains
Rated (max.)
and Storage @
Leakage Current
at rated data
Weight MTBF / h Usable for 3D Drawing
1NF-10 1~ 230 / 230 VAC 10 A IP20 -25°C ... +100°C 0,48 mA 0,285 kg 1.300.000 S200,
1NF-12 1~ 230 / 230 VAC 12 A IP20 -25°C ... +100°C 0,73mA 0,73 kg 1.550.000 S200,
1NF-20B 1~ 230 / 125 VAC 20 A IP20 -25°C ... +100°C 5,2 mA 0,93 kg >200.000 S200,
1NF-25 1~ 230 / 230 VAC 25 A IP20 -25°C ... +100°C 2,86 mA 0,64 kg 1.200.000 S200,
3NF-07 3~ 480 / 480 VAC 7 A IP20 -25°C ... +100°C 33 mA 0,5 kg 300.000 AKD-xzzz06 STEP
3NF-16 3~ 480 / 480 VAC 16 A IP20 -25°C ... +100°C 33 mA 0,8 kg 300.000 AKD-xzzz06 STEP
3NF-30 3~ 480 / 480 VAC 30 A IP20 -25°C ... +100°C 33 mA 1,2 kg 300.000 AKD-xzzz06 STEP
3EF-42 3~ 480 / 480 VAC 42 A           S640/S670  
3EF-75 3~ 480 / 480 VAC 75 A           S640/S670  
3EF-100 3~ 480 / 480 VAC 100 A           S640/S670  
3EF-130 3~ 480 / 480 VAC 130 A           S640/S670  

* @ 40°C environment temperature