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Mains Choke


General information to chokes can be found on page Chokes.

Why use Mains Chokes?

The mains choke

  • prevents impermissible loading of semiconductors in the event of rapid current rise during commutation.
  • prevents voltage dips in the mains voltage caused by commutation.
  • reduces current ripple in the DC link, thereby increasing the service life of the DC link capacitors.

Single conductors can be used for wiring and a shield is not required.

When is a mains choke required?

  • With S640/670 a mains choke with 4% uk must be used in any case in order to reduce mains harmonics.
  • With S748/772 in special cases (if mains voltage is more than 3% asymmetrical) a mains choke with 2% uk must be used

Current Kollmorgen mains chokes

Three phase main chokes acc. to IEC 61558-2-20. CE, UL, and RoHS information can be found on page Approvals.

Rated voltage 3 x 400V
Frequency 50 ... 60Hz
Test voltage 4000 Vdc
Environment temperature -10 ... +40°C
Cooling AN
Protection class IP 00


    Inductance Resistance Max. Current Insulation Class Weight Approvals   Drawings
Type Uk (mH) (mOhm) (A) IEC UL (kg) CE UL Usable for 3D
3L0,5-63-4 4% 0,47 5,90 63 F 155 9,65 x x S640/S670 Step
3L0,4-80-4 4% 0,37 2,70 80 F 155 12,5 x x S640/S670 Step
3L0,2-160-4 4% 0,19 0,83 160 H 180 27 x x S640/S670  
3L0,24-50-2 2% 0,24 3,87 50 H 180 5,9 x x S748  
3L0,2-75-2 2% 0,2 2,07 75 F 155 9,9 x x S772 Step