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Linear Encoder Supported by AKD, S700, and S300

List of known linear encoder supported by AKD / S700 / S300.


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Have you had any experience with any other Renishaw products (specifically with the AKD)? I used a LM10 and LM15 a year ago and can't remember if I had the AKD or a different amplifier as I recall using it with the Kollmorgen DDL motors. Also the tonic series was something I was interested in as I don't see any reason why the Tonic wouldn't work if the LM10 has been successful (I think they are both 1vpp as well as most specs being similar). Thank you

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Frank Peifer
I will forward your Comment to the application team in Ratingen.
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Michael Stingl
principle does the AKD works with all incremental signal (RS422 / RS485) and / or analog sin/cos signals (1Vpp). Please note that the correct resolution per revolution respectively is set polpitch and is an integer.