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Limiting AKD Velocity While In Torque Mode

Limiting  AKD Velocity While In Torque Mode

Parameter IL.VLIMIT has been added to the AKD firmware to limit motor velocity while operating in torque mode. Setting it to a non-zero value will limit the velocity - in torque mode only - to the range of -IL.VLIMIT to IL.VLIMIT. The parameter IL.VLIMIT was released in firmware 01-14-04-00 beta on April 16, 2016


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When I set IL.VLIMIT to 2500 rpm, it does limit the speed to 2500 rpm in torque mode for whatever IL.CMDU is used (above that necessary to get up to 2500 rpm).  However this works well like this only if IL.OFFSET is zero.  As IL.OFFSET is increased or decreased, the limiting RPM changes upwards or downwards.  This is unexpected behavior and frankly I am amazed that this is happening.  

Is there a simple issue that I am overlooking?