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KVB - How to change a recipe layout (add/remove tags or change datatypes on tags) without losing data

With KVB, recipe data will get lost when adding/removing tags or changing data types on tags (variables). The following procedure outlines how to save the data for use with the changed layout:

  1. Before downloading anything to the panel, use the "Upload Database" button in the project tab of the ribbon menu to upload the current database, with all the recipe data to your PC.
  2. Open the database file with the Database Viewer (can be found in the KVB Developer group in the start menu) and export the recipe table to an Excel file. For KVB 2.20 using SQLite use the DB Viewer from the attached link and export the recipe table to a csv file.
  3. Make sure that your new project contains an Import Recipe and Export Recipe action.
  4. Download the new project with the new recipe layout to the panel, erasing the recipes in the panel.
  5. In the panel, save a new recipe.
  6. Trigger the action to export the recipes to a CSV file on the USB-key.
  7. Open the CSV-file in Excel together with the previously exported Excel/CSV file (the file from the Database Viewer).
  8. Copy all the recipe data column for column from the Excel file to the CSV-file, make sure to fill all columns with data.
  9. Save the CSV-file to the USB-key.
  10. Move the USB-key over to the panel.
  11. Trigger the import recipe action and load all the data from the CSV-file back into the panel. All the original recipe data from the CSV file is imported back to the panel.

Link to SQLite browser