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KVB debugger? | 09 Jan 2015 | |

KVB debugger?

How do you debug C# code in KVB?  What I mean by debug is: set a breakpoint, step thru code and monitor variables in a watch window.

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david.lhotte said ...

david.lhotte | Tue, 01/13/2015 - 17:52

You will need to install Visual Studio or Express.

KVB must be configured to target the correct Visual Studio executable in order for the debugging to work. You can configure the target executable under "KVB" -> "Options" -> "Script Debugger options" -> "Debugger".


Press the debug button to validate the project and start the external debugger with a generated project file.


If you get a compile error about .NET Framework 4.0 not being installed, you can change the project settings to target the ".NET Framework 3.5" and re-compile.



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