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KM motors with EnDat feedback spec

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I have a questions regarding KM motors with EnDat feedback spec...

I noticed the AKD & AKD2G accept EnDat2.1 with A, A*, B, B* incremental signals in their X23 and X10 feedback connectors. 
These signals aren't present in the EnDat2.2 feedback type for the drives.
My questions is: when a AKM or AKM2G motor features the EnDat spec, do their encoders provide these incremental signals or only CLK/DAT signals?



Hello, It will depend on which encoder is specified on the motor (2.1 has the A/B signals and 2.2 does not). Some of our motors have an option of having the Endat 2.1 or Endat 2.2. If you can provide the motor part number, I can tell you which encoder is on the motor.

Ann Pater - Thu, 01/06/2022 - 13:49
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