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KM motors with EnDat feedback spec | 06 Jan 2022 | |

KM motors with EnDat feedback spec

I have a questions regarding KM motors with EnDat feedback spec...

I noticed the AKD & AKD2G accept EnDat2.1 with A, A*, B, B* incremental signals in their X23 and X10 feedback connectors. 
These signals aren't present in the EnDat2.2 feedback type for the drives.
My questions is: when a AKM or AKM2G motor features the EnDat spec, do their encoders provide these incremental signals or only CLK/DAT signals?


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[email protected] said ...

[email protected] | Fri, 03/11/2022 - 15:32
If the encoder is listed as EnDAT 2.2  like the "LD" encoder then it is digital only feedback device and only provides the serial communication data channels.  If it is listed as just EnDAT or EnDAT 2.1 like the "DA, DB, LB, and LA" encoder options then it has both the analog Sin/Cos signal channels and serial communications data channels.

Ann Pater | Thu, 01/06/2022 - 21:49

Hello, It will depend on which encoder is specified on the motor (2.1 has the A/B signals and 2.2 does not). Some of our motors have an option of having the Endat 2.1 or Endat 2.2. If you can provide the motor part number, I can tell you which encoder is on the motor.

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