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KAS v3.01 Software is Now Available!

New Features

  • AKD2G Drive Integration:
    • Single and Multi-Axis drive variants
    • Firmware download
    • Digital and Analog I/O
    • Features not yet available: Capture, Feedback #2-5, Backup/Restore
    • Note: Please contact Kollmorgen for latest AKD2G firmware and KAS software.
  • PCMM Dual-Core model
    • Fully supported with PLCopen and PipeNetwork Motion Engines
  • Multiple KAS versions installed on the same computer
  • IDE Ease-of-Use Enhancements
  • Controller Backup - Export/Import
  • Security RTOS Patch for PxMM
  • Support for AKD firmware v1-18
  • Support for AKDG2 firmware v2-00

For more details, please see the attached release note.

Software Availability

PCMM/PDMM Runtime software:

For customers, the KAS IDE software package is available for purchase and upgrades are included. The latest and previous versions can be downloaded via KDN.