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Setting Drive Parameters when a PxMM Project Starts Up | 16 Mar 2018 | |

Setting Drive Parameters when a PxMM Project Starts Up


We have an application using 5 axes of motion. The PDMM is controlling 4 drives.  We would like to create a routine that will loaded drive parameters, using the KAS program, so that if a drive were replaced in the field a technician would not need to go on side to retune nor load workbench parameters to a faulted drive.  I would think ST is the most efficient way to move data to the drive parameters.  If I wanted to assure if a new drive were swapped and parameters were loaded after initialization of the KAS program which parameters would I need to be concerned with? Also can I use a KAS program to write directly into the drive parameters? If so, how can this be done?

If the drive is configured to us i/o in the limits section of workbench and from the i/o tab in the EtherCat menu will these be affected if the drive is swapped or are these monitored by the PDMM and therefore not affected by a drive swap?


Thank you

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C Wontrop said ...

C Wontrop |

Attached is an application note to save and restore parameters via the .kas application program. Also included is a word file that you can copy and paste into the define section of the project:

.and contains all the key parameters (tuning, basic drive setup, limits, etc) to save and restore, but it does not include all the AKD parameters in the drive. I recommend you test to make sure no important parameters in your application are left out. Contact us and we will send you the 2 UDFBs (fbRestoreAKDParamFromFile.xk5 and fbSaveAKDParamIntoFile.xk5) to save and restore the drive parameter set.

Will Gaffga | Wed, 06/13/2018 - 15:48

Editor's Note: I changed "PMDD" to the correct acronym, "PDMM".

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