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KAS project EtherCAT mapping - S700 Dig Inputs

The following outlines setting up KAS project to read S700 Digital Inputs into a PxMM program:

Through high speed , deterministic PDO channel:

Bit 0: NSTOP inverse
Bit 1: PSTOP inverse
Bit 2: home switch active

Bit 16: input 1
Bit 17: input 2
Bit 18: input 3
Bit 19: input 4
Bit 20: hardware enable


Read individual Bits by linking a DINT variable to this object then reading individual bits as follows: VarName.16 to read the status of Input1

  • To use 0x2354 as a PDO mapping you need to create a special PDO mapping group  in the PDO editor. Example:  use flexible mapping (0x1A00)  mapping  (see attached project)




Through SDO channel:

  • Can also read as an SDO through KAS Ethercat function block: ECATReadSDO FB