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KAS Project Backup and Restore

This video demonstrates:

  • Backing up a KAS system to the Controller’s SD card
  • Exporting this backup to one system  file on a PC
  • Importing a system file and converting back to multiple files on the SD card
  • Restoring the system configuration from the SD card to the KAS System hardware

Backing Up and Restoring a KAS system facilitates:

  • Having a backup of the Controller and Drives in the KAS system
  • Duplicating the system configuration onto additional machines
  • Updating or loading a part of a KAS system, for example a particular drive in the system

There are 2 methods to back up and restore a KAS System

  • Using the B2/B3 buttons on the controller’s front face
  • Using the Webserver inside IDE software or directly in an internet browser
    • With the B2/B3 method the controller configuration can be backed up and restored
    • With the Webserver method in addition to the controller, the Ethercat Configuration and Drives can be backed up and restored


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