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KAS PLCopen Template Projects

Attached are a number of template programs for the KAS IDE for 1, 4, and 6 axes. They are extensions of the 2 Axis demo projects for the Structured Text, Ladder Diagram, and Sequential Function Chart programming languages that are included in the KAS IDE development software. They also contain a base Kollmorgen Visualization Builder program for a 7" HMI panel, as well as built in control panels to command single axis jog/relative/absolute move commands or do gearing functions at set ratios with axis 1 acting as a master axis.


If interested in Blank project templates to do all programming and variable naming yourself, these are available on another KDN page at 


Krounis's picture
Can you please give an example of PLCopen ST 1 Axis Template.kas with only S700 instead of AKD. Thank you.