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KAS IDE Tab Order


I have a customer who would like to have an option for selecting the tab order when using KAS IDE control panel screens. Currently the way its set up is the tab order is defined by the order you add features into the control panel. I haven't checked if KVB allows you to set the tab order either so that would be included in the feature request. I thought this would be helpful to have as it would add to the user experience.

Thank you


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Joe Parks
Thank you for the feedback from your customer. I have submitted an enhancement request in our issue tracking database for the KAS product line. Before each new release of KAS software/firmware the development team and application engineers get together to select a number of ease of use enhancement requests to work on, so you can check the release notes of future versions to see when this gets addressed.
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Great, thank you for doing that. I will check up on that to let the customer know when that feature becomes available in the future. Thanks