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KAS and KVB Tag Importing


I was hoping there would be a similar way to import tags into KVB from a ongoing KAS project similar to when you open KVB from KAS and all the tags that are selected automatically import in. I noticed this can probably be done in the tags import section as an xcel or txt document but really liked how seem less it is when everything is automatically imported. Would be nice to have something like a refresh tags feature so while you are adding new tags in KAS they can update in KVB as well while it is already open.



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Joe Parks
Good feedback that we have heard from other users in the past. I made sure that it was captured in our enhancement tracking list for KAS and KVB software. You can manually import a new tag list if you add variables to the KVB checkbox list in the KAS IDE dictionary. Each time you compile, a text file is updated in a temporary folder located at C:\Users\currentuser\AppData\Local\Kollmorgen\KAS\Project with the file name HMI Variable Import File.txt