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KAS 2.10: Fieldbus Editor Does Not Display All Supported Network Types

The fieldbus editor may not display all the supported network types. The network types that are not displayed are ...

  • Ethernet/IP Adapter (server)
  • Ethernet/IP Tag Client
  • FlexIO / PointIO
  • MODBUS Slave
image image

This problem is only present in the following KAS 2.10 versions:

  • - The first KAS 2.10 release
  • - Patch 1 of KAS 2.10

The fix was made to version, Patch 2 of the 2.10 release.

All KAS 2.10 versions greater or equal to version have the fix built into the installer.

An existing installation can be fixed by installing "Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 Service Pack 1 Redistributable Package MFC Security Update".
It can be downloaded from here: