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32-Bit Signed on HMI Does Not Match PDMM | 11 Nov 2016 | |

32-Bit Signed on HMI Does Not Match PDMM

I'm using a 3rd Party HMI and if I use 32-bit-float to a REAL in the PDMM everything looks OK except I have a small difference because of rounding.

I would like to use integers but when I use 32-Bit-Signed on the HMI it dosen't match in the PDMM.

Example:   If I set my Numeric Format to 32 Bit Signed on the HMI and  in the Kollmorgen I set a DINT to 1.0 I see 16256 on the HMI.

Comments & Answers

Joe Parks said ...

Joe Parks |

If you are using our 3rd Party device modbus setup in the Fieldbus section of the KAS IDE software, you have to change the "Storage" parameter shown below to DWORD when using 32 bit variables to use two consecutive modbus addresses (as each can hold only 16 bits of data). If the values are coming back skewed, you can try changing storage from High-Low to Low-High which will determine which 16 bit address holds the most significant data. Another thing to check is if the addressing is the same on your 3rd party device and might be off by 1, since we start our addressing at zero but some other software will start at 1.

Mark.Duckwitz | Wed, 11/16/2016 - 21:09

FYI, I changed the title of your question to make it more meaningful and searchable.

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