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IP mode is running.. then you stop with a quickstop command . how do you start again with out a F125 bus sync error

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I set the servo drives up in IP mode and all works great. then I want to stop. so the servos have stopped moving ( no movement commanded) .  I then send a quick stop command to the control word(DS402) bit 2 an then power down by sending a zero .. all good and happy.

I then want to start up again. I just get F125 errors.

If I shut it down by writing a network management object =2 (stop remote node) I can start again no problems.

So the question is. once the servo drive has sync and is running how do I stop it and then get it to almost start again. with out generating F125 errors .

Thanks for any help Adam.



1 Answer

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I don't know your master and how it is configured, programmed, and operating but here are details on the F125 fault.

From the AKD CANopen communication manual:


If FBUS.PARAM04 = 1 then the F125 fault occurs after the drive does not receive SYNC commands from the master controller.

If you don't use the SYNC command, then the drive will continue with the last commanded action before the communication bus was lost.

See CAN object 1005 for defining the COB-ID of the SYNC message.
See CAN object 1006 for the expected timing of the SYNC message. If the drive does not see a SYNC message within three of these cycles, then it generates F125.

I hope this helps!



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