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Implement a delay on Target Reached Information


It could be useful to have the ability to implement a delay to be sure to remove the ''Target Reached'' information during a miniumum among of time even if we ask a very short move

With S300/S700, it is equivalent to the INPT0 parameter.


Best regards.


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Hi Defty, Which product are you referring too? This would help direct your feature request to the appropriate team. -md
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Sorry Mark !!!! I think about AKD-P xxx products ! I mean, sometimes, the customer asks a position which has been already reached ...In this case, there could be some case that the customer master PLC does not see the ''NOT Target Reached'' state and ''Target Reached State'' because the PLC is too slow. With the S300/S700 and INPTO parameter, we could force a minimum time for the ''Not target reached'' state ... It could be good to have the same possibility with AKD-P xxxx family. Best Regards.
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Hi Defty, thank you for the your feature proposal. We added that to our feature request list, but at the moment we cannot make any promises, when we will implement it. If you have a project with urgent need for this feature, please contact us directly, so we can queue up your request for implementation accordingly. Best regards