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IL.OFFSET in Velocity Mode and control through a digital input - Related to RDP with AKD | 22 Aug 2018 | |

IL.OFFSET in Velocity Mode and control through a digital input - Related to RDP with AKD


This is related to my earlier question of RDP with AKD drives, wherein I was told that this functionality will probably be implemented in the next generation of AKD2 drives.

Unfortunately, I need a solution in the next couple of months with the current AKD drives, hence this question.

The current AKD drives have a parameter IL.OFFSET which sets a fixed offset to the current loop.

1) Is this active in Velocity mode ?

  • If not, is there any way to offset the current bias in the Current loop while in Velocity mode ?

2) If the Offset is active in Velocity mode, can it be disabled (i.e. zeroed out) with a digital input - e.g. to handle runaways when there is a fault in the other drive ? I don't see any function of the digital input connected to the IL.OFFSET

3) Finally, if RDP cannot be supported natively out of the box or through any other means, is AKD BASIC fast enough to handle a software implementation of RDP ?

The application is a dual axes, dual motor per axis, rack - drive structure. Due to the size of the gears involved and the high gear ratio, backlash is always very high - hence the need for RDP. Typical drive sizes are 2 x AKD-x01207 (12A) in one axis and 2 x AKD-x02407 (24A) in the other axis.

Thanks in advance.


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NayanDodhia | Wed, 08/22/2018 - 08:25


In order to guide you with your query, I would request you to kindly get in touch to us via [email protected]. Please provide us your detailed contact address to get in touch with you.


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