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ICH & MCH Linear Motor

ICH direct drive linear motors (series ICxx and ICDxx) are 3-phase, flat linear motors for sinusoidal commutation. They can be fitted with almost every type of linear measurement system which is suitable for operation with linear motors.

MCH magnet ways are covered with stainless steel covers and available in matching width and several lengths. 

The product line consists of two fundamental constructions, Ironless (slotless) and Ironcore. Ironless motors have no attractive force between the framless components and zero cogging for ultra smooth motion. Ironcore motors provide the highest force per frame size and feature an anti-cogging design which yields extremely smooth operation.

imageThe winding sections (primary sections) are completely enclosed and encapsulated, and thus have excellent protection for use under rough industrial conditions.The profiles, which are fitted for mounting them onto the framework of the machine, provide a versatile but nevertheless firm mechanical coupling system.

Despite the compact external dimensions, you can achieve

These features mean that ICH linear motors are not only suited for applications in the machine tool industry, but present advantages for all applications that require

  • low levels of motor heating combined with high continuous driving forces,
  • outstanding control loop characteristics and high precision,
  • high static and dynamic stiffness (low compliance) in the drive chain
Ironcore Ironless

Typical Application


  1. Magnet way
  2. Coil
  3. Hall Sensor (option)

Not offered by Kollmorgen:

  1. Feedback scale
  2. Feedback scanner
  3. Linear guides
  4. Cable in drag chain
  5. Load

Connectivity Options

Flying Leads

The cable is not suitable for drag chains.


Intercontec M23 connector, up to 9A rated current

Function Pin Function Pin
U 1 PTC1 A
V 3 PTC2 B
W 4 KTY+ C

Derating (in % of rated force)