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Leonardo Souza's picture
Leonardo Souza
3 weeks 4 days ago

A entrada analógica dos drives AKD pode ser usada em diversas aplicações: como comando de corrente (torque), comando de velocidade, comando de posição, velocidade alvo da tarefa de movimento e para monitoração de limites de tensão do usuário.

Pinagem do Conector X8


Joe Parks's picture
Joe Parks
1 month 9 hours ago

Below video goes through steps to setup communication between an OPC UA server and an AKI HMI panel using KVB software. Will have to go to the Tag setup screen to add another "controller" to the project which in this case is the OPC UA server. Need to know the URL address where the OPC Server is running, and can setup a login user name and password if it does not support an anonymous login. Also, can setup a default name space number which will make entering the names of tags easier.