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i can't find datasheet of my stepper motor

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My stepper motor model POWERPAC 1.8 Degree step motor, MODEL NO N33HRHJ-LEK-M2-00 for this model i cant't find any datasheet in your website.

so, can anyone provide me this stepper motor datasheet..

thank you,


1 Answer

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This url should take you to the catalog:

It is located under Products / Motors / Stepper Motors /  Media and Downloads / Literature tab.


thanks for your reply...
i have one more doubt about my stepper motor. what will be the resistance value for coil A+ and A-, B+ and B-. if coil resistance shows in mega ohm is nit any problem..

Balaji - Thu, 07/30/2020 - 21:17

The resistance from "A to A not" should be about 0.83 ohms. This is the same for "B to B not", at 0.83 ohms. You should read an "open circuit" from "A" to "B", "A" to the motor case and "B" to the motor case.

If "A to A not" OR "B to B not" are reading in meg-ohms, the winding(s) are open, and the motor is to be replaced. Ensure the stepper drive's current is limited to 5A, and the drive can support an inductance value of 9mH.

Michael Brown_455 - Fri, 07/31/2020 - 05:04
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