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Hypertherm vertical axis setup issue

Hypertherm is a CNC for laser/plasma cutting machines.  Below are some tips for setting up the AKD drive for use with a Hypertherm machine.

  • Set PL.ERRFTHRESH = 0, to disable the position error fault.  The Hypertherm has it's own position error fault.
  • Set UNIT.PROTARY = 3, UNIT.PIN = 2^FB1.PSCALE, and UNIT.POUT = 1, for the drive's unit scaling to be compatible with the controller.
  • Hypertherm CNC's Axis encoder units need to be set close to correct.
  • Hypertherm CNC's Servo Error Tolerance needs to be something reasonable like 1/4".  Setting it too tight, such as 0.001", will cause the controller to fault right away.
  • Hypertherm CNC's Servo Stall Tolerance will set the max position error value where "Home to a hard stop" triggers home.
  • Hypertherm CNC's Stall Torque is the homing torque for "Home to a hard stop."