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HTTP control of a basic ADK drive

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I have an application that would use a PC to control a basic AKD drive in torque mode. 

We would use LABVIEW to send HTTP or raw TCP/IP packet based commands to the drive. 

My question is can a basic AKD drive, in torque mode, be controlled in this way? Is there any documentation outlining this process?


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It isn't clear to me if you have a base drive ( AKD-B ) or a programmable BASIC drive ( AKD-T ).

In any case, we don't have sample code explicit to what you are asking about.

The AKD drive supports Telnet and Modbus TCP ( only the AKD-P-NAPN or AKD-P-NBPN Profinet drives do not support Modbus TCP ).

In general I've heard some users indicate Labview could support Modbus TCP either embedded or as an add-on ( I don't know ).

Here are some articles in regards to using Hyperterminal to demonstrate sending a Telnet command over a TCP/IP connection and also

details about Telnet and Modbus TCP.

IL.CMDU is the user command for the current setpoint in torque mode.

It can be set by a Telnet command or by writing to it's Modbus register ( see Workbench Help for the Modbus manual and register list ).

Other commands such as software enable/disable, etc. can also be found in the list.

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